Reading Lesson: “Rules of the Game” Reading Response
Our first unit in 7th grade Humanities is called “Wide-Awake Reading.” We are developing a Reader’s Workshop program, and used Lucy Calkin’s series of six lessons to scaffold student’s ability to read deeply. Throughout the unit, students develop reading responses that serve as formative assessments.
Upon the culmination of the unit, students are expected to produce more comprehensive reading response. We read the excellent short story “Rules of the Game” by Amy Tan, and to make things more fun, I asked them to translate their deep thoughts into a multimedia format using the iPad app Explain Everything. Students work in pairs. They compiled a list of their deepest thoughts, evaluated and selected the best ones, and searched for evidence to support their claims.
Student Work Sample
I was impressed by the deep understanding of this short story (with complex characters, relationships and lots of metaphorical writing) the students demonstrated. Equally important, the students felt ownership over their multimedia presentations. This assessment also added levity and creativity to the process.


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