Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Curriculum: Learning with iPads
As school leadership decided how to deploy our 1:1 iPad program, our questions expanded beyond use of technology into “what does it mean to be a successful student in 2012 and beyond.” We decided to hold a two-day workshop for all students. While the purpose was ostensibly to teach responsible use of technology, we broadened the themes in an exploration of how technology shapes the human experience. The workshop was divided into four components: Learn, Protect, Balance, and Respect
I worked with several other teachers to develop the Learn curriculum. We focused on the following issues:
1. (The myth of) Multitasking: How the brain is impacted by multiple tasks at one time? Are we multi-tasking or task-switching?
2. Meta-cognitive Strategies: Essentially, we reminded our kids to “know thyself.” What kind of learner are you? What works best for you as a student? How can you be most successful, given the distractions technology tempts us with?
3. Digital Literacy: Evaluating sources for accuracy and relevancy.
4. Attribution: Why do cite sources? What common mistakes do students make in citing sources? How do we correctly attribute?


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