Blended Learning

For the past two weeks, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to initiate, collaborate, and be coached to improve instruction and curriculum delivery. The Blended Learning Lab, under the leadership of our Office of Innovation and Research and several Content Strategists, emulates the start-up culture feel. I was openly, overly excited about this part and it fulfilled my wishes. Free snacks! Comfortable chairs!


Using GOA‘s Catalyst Cards and daily focus sessions, I ended up innovating an eighth-grade English unit on journalism. I focused on these goals:

Public Learning Goals (including linking them to the Mastery feature of our reporting tool) Navigation – Guided Inquiry
Content Curation
Competency Learning
Page design
Self-management skills

Assessment and Feedback:
Culminating Task
Teacher to student feedback
Student to student feedback

One of the best features of the Blended Learning Lab was the integration of student participants. Middle school (and high school) students served as collaborators and focus groups alongside us. Overall, the Lab was a massive success and I am very grateful to have participated. Here is a screencast walking through my unit on Schoology.



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