Content Strategist Training with Global Online Academy

Summer. There is no more wonderful word in the world. It is the reason New Yorkers trudge through winter, the time we drift from one social event to another, and a long, beautiful break from school. In the week since school has ended, I have discovered brain capacity that has been maxed for quite some time. So it is time to get ideas flowing before summer brain sets in too much.


The UNIS Middle School hosted Content Strategist training by the Global Online Academy. GOA coached several teachers in…coaching! We learned strategies like paraphrasing and asking reflective questions to prompt colleagues to think in new ways about their instruction. In my experience, the most productive conversations happen when teachers take ego out of the equation. Paraphrasing and prompting protocols are an effective way to do this. Why?


-Both sides can here all the facts with built in pause time before kneejerk response.
-The person posing the situation looks within themselves to evaluate solutions.
Listening is drawn out as a distinct part of the conversation.
-Participants are able to see their challenges from a new perspective.

The basics of the protocol are PPPP.
Pause, Paraphrase, Pause, Pose


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